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India is one of the largest tea manufacturing countries in the world. And Girnar Tea is one of the most popular and favoured Indian tea brands. Girnar Tea has now state of the art R&D facility where newer ranges of tea are researched. Girnar today is a global brand with presense in 30 countries.

Girnar instant tea premix products include Girnar Pure & Fresh Elaichi Chai, Girnar Tea - Cardamon, Girnar Tea - Ginger, Girnar Tea - Lemongrass, Girnar Tea - Kesari Masala, Girnar - Kashmiri Kahwa, Girnar - Masledar Limbooz, Girnar Detox Green tea, Girnar Tea - Express Tea, Girnar Pure & Fresh Adrak Chai. IndianBasket / Pandit (UK) Limited is the exclusive importer of Girnar Tea products in UK and Europe. Through our supply chain, we have made Girnar Tea products available in all leading Indian grocery stores in UK. Not just that, you can now buy Girnar Tea online through and get Girnar Tea Premix delivered at your doorstep. Being the exclusive importer of Girnar products, we guarantee fresh products at most competitive price.

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